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i got really sick of being in one band after the other and decided it was time i record and release my own stuff.


released October 15, 2016

I (Ruben Marin) played everything.
Brad (from Luna Flore) recorded, mixed and mastered it all.



all rights reserved


EXCHANGE Las Vegas, Nevada

im just a person who loves hardcore and appreciates the possitivity and inspirational change it can bring to its listeners.
I can only hope I can create the same effect with Exchange..

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Track Name: New Days Commin
i don't understand why you flex so hard
you got a shit eating grin, not an ounce of heart.
bringing violence to our shows, your a fuckin joke man.
i hope you fuckin choke

keep it out of the scene
keep your emotions in check.
show you value the ethics of what hardcore is.
keep a forward mind thinking and an open heart beating.
your violence is misleading
open mind
open heart

(spoken word by ceremony)

its not a boys club no more.
its not exclusive to friends.
we got queers and gays, trans women and men.
joint forces of people against collective ignorance.
get with the fucking mindset.

open mind
open heart
Track Name: Break The Chain
so much intent.
so little remorse.
did you forget how it feels?
the fealing is fucking real!
i can never forget the way it felt.
you remind me so much of my self.
to break the chain you must forge the hammer yourself.
the deck at hand held out on us, oh well.
we take the greatest thing and hold them high, they shine.
or the abuse consumes us, character shrinks. souls: they die
Track Name: Concience Compassion
Straight Edge!
you dont have to follow with societal norms!
Track Name: Mind Breaks Free
Do you lack the knowledge
Or is the heart a cold fuckin mess
Are you afraid of difference
Or were you nurtured with this
Since birth

**We're all just souls on the same path
To A wooden box or an earn of ash

Spend a day in our shoes
You'll walk a similar path
You'll see family community
The love you feel
Will last

**We're all just souls on the same path
To A wooden box or an earn of ash
We just want to live in peace
To not be judge by any means

It's a systemic now
A privilege handed down
in this day and age
No common sense
Blank gaze
love erased
Programmed hate
Of the colors of our skin
What happened within
was of outside ***influence

Mind breaks free

The mind breaks free when you see
When you feel
When you listen
When you think